`Ready for the needs of the 20th Century?
Our company's unique digital growth algorithms take into account stacked market variability and probable multi-spectrum causation, in addition to binary packet switching and virtual postage stamp collecting.

Don't rely on your own IT department to handle your company's problems! We'll duplicate your IT efforts for maximum effect!

Why settle for just HTML coding when we can also do Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, Forth, and COBOL!
Think of our archaic coding as the work product of digital hipsters. We're the programmers that wear Buddy Holly glasses without lenses, cut our beards with rusty hedge trimmers, and meditate in urban parks while sipping vegtable broth.

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Why fix something that isn't broken when you can have someone else break it and fix it for half as much? Let us help! Contact us now!

1.10.2018 New Device-Side Fault Isolation
DGR has expanded into front-line fault isolation at the digital node core, and this means huge reductions in bandwidth cycles!

22.12.2017 Downtime Minimal for FY 2017
Despite the nay-sayers who said we could never program a responsive website with COBOL, our downtime was minimal - only 32.6% of 2016!

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