DJ Silvae, the lead DJ and general manager of Decennial Gothica, is a native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but lived as a resident worker in Italy for four years. During his sojourn in Europe, he spent time exploring the cultures of almost two dozen countries. There, he developed a diverse taste for European Gothic and symphonic metal, and amassed an international tapestry of bands and sub-genres in his music collection.
Associate DJ Werandra is a self-described free spirited gipsy that enjoys life, love, and art. An operatic soprano and dancer, she also enjoys photography and modeling. When she's not dancing or modelling, you might find her wondering barefoot along grassy paths to find inspiration and connect with the Earth.
Associate DJ Izora has been a passionate metalhead since an early age, first banging her head to commercialized metal before she was drawn to the dark siren call of Gothic and underground metal acts. She especially savors music that contains artfully constructed lyrics. A frequent participant of the concert scene, Izora also expresses herself through painting and enjoys a good horror movie.
Associate DJ Nikolai may be found lurking in shadows near the pulsating beats of underground clubs, where he satiates his craving for fresh independent music from continental Europe. Deeply fond of the Victorian shades of the Gothic spectrum, Nikolai cloaks himself with a modern twist on Old World clothing styles that turn heads wherever he goes. He brings to Decennial Gothica his passion of symphony and darkness.
Associate DJ Llorona is the newest member of the Decennial Gothica crew. Hailing from Mexico, she approaches life, as her music, with an emotional dichotomy of sorrow and hope. She believes that many human stories and inherent truths are cemented in old legends that pass from generation to generation. Llorona has always been fond of music that transports the listener to another time and place, and this led her to fall deeply in love with gothic rock and symphonic metal.

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