We're looking for the next model to star in our upcoming website revision! In the past, we've often produced our own photos of stunning female models (known informally as the "DecenniGirls") to be the centerpiece of our website's main banner and related graphics. Now, we're offering this opportunity to YOU!

We are looking for a striking photo of a girl for the next website revision. We don't have any specific concept in mind, so let your imagination go wild! Dark, colorful, gothy, ethereal, dramatic... it's up to you! The winning model will be our muse - we'll design the website around you and your photo's style. The selected photo will be featured at the top of our main page for approximately six months, and for thousands of listeners to see. (According to historical data, your image will be viewed by approximately 140,000 unique website visitors).

DGR'S DecenniGirl Casting Call Requirements:
  • Submit no more than eight photos per model
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Photo should preferably show the entire model's body, but at a minimum must show the model from top of the head to mid-thigh
  • Model's body should not be obstructed by objects/people/monsters in the foreground
  • Photos must be good quality and 1024x768 or larger
  • DEADLINE: January 31, 2018
Photos and credit information (model's name & age, photographer, website link, etc) must be submitted to DGR directly via email as an attachment at decennialgothica@gmail.com before the January 31, 2018 deadline.

DGR shall choose the next DecenniGirl and will contact her by email. All other submissions will not be contacted by DGR. DGR will then publicly announce the selection and begin working on the new website graphics. (Actual date of website revision to be determined, but should be shortly after the submission deadline). The model and photographer will be credited at the bottom of the radio station's main page, and DGR will provide a link to the model and/or photographer's website.

BORING LEGAL STUFF: No compensation shall be given other than wide international exposure for at least six months, subject to the temporary display of holiday or special event artwork. DGR will retain the perpetual non-exclusive right to modify the photo and may use the photo at any point in the future for additional marketing or publicity purposes without notice or compensation to the model or photographer. All photos not chosen as the "DecenniGirl" shall be deleted (or fed to the dungeon grues) and will not be used for any purpose.



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